Beat The Dragon 2019

Beat the Dragon is a single player, shareware, solitaire card game. A dragon character appears and makes a sarcastic

Ancient Planet 2015

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)The stronghold of an ancient civilization has been invaded by hordes of alien

Pizza Connection 3 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs) Mamma mia... Long awaited by fans around the world, the new installment of the

Rento Fortune 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Rento is multiplayer business dice game. It is board game for 2 to 6 players.

Space War Commander 2009

Space War Commander is a real time strategy game that takes place in space. In each level the player has 15 minutes the

Fallout Shelter 2016

Oh, no! A nuclear war has erupted and turned the world into a wasteland! Not to worry, Vault-Tec has you covered,

Landwirtschafts Gigant 2012

Landwirtschafts Gigant is a managerial simulation in which the player takes control over a farm. The basics follow the

Freight Tycoon Inc. 2006

Freight Tycoon Inc. is an economic simulation game which challenges players' management skills. It puts one into the

Post Human W.A.R 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs) Post Human W.A.R is a turn-based, tactical and psychological strategy game. At

Final Approach: Pilot Edition 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Welcome to Final Approach: Pilot Edition Two Games for the Price of One- Final

Carcassonne: Ritter, Räuber, Ränkeschmiede 2019

Carcassonne: Ritter, Räuber, Ränkeschmiede is the PC version of the eponymous board game. The basic principle is

Smugglers IV: Doomsday 2009

Smugglers IV: Doomsday is a turn-based space trading game where the player takes the role of an ensign of one of the

LOGistICAL: ABC Islands 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)LOGistICAL: ABC Islands is an introduction to a large open-world, strategy,

Northern Tale 3 2014

Finally, the witch Gesta and her henchmen are defeated! Now, at last, peace truly comes to the land. In celebration,

Rise of the Ancients 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)They appeared seemingly from nowhere and are ready for battle... You have to

Squeezone 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Squeezone - it's pretty fabulous tower defence with shoot 'em up elements.

Defense of Greece 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)A game of the genre "Tower Defense". Colorful graphics, exciting story,

Kingdoms Of Marazia 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Build up your army in the safety of your own castle. Your private realm is your
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