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Oceanis 2010

Oceanis is a managerial simulation game where the player takes control of a neglected aquarium that needs restoration.

40 Days 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)40 Days is a special strategy simulation game related with infectious diseases

Sail Simulator 4 2001

Sail Simulator 4 is a sailboat simulation, it is a single player game with a multiplayer option for on-line play, The

Party Down 2009

Party Down is a time management game. Lead a catering service in Hollywood, choose your character and lead it to

Hack RUN 2015

Ever wanted to be a hacker? Hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets. Hack

Gadget Tycoon 2019

Gadget Tycoon is a management sim that puts you in charge of designing, developing and distributing futuristic gizmos.

Escape 2 Paradise: A Kingdom's Quest 2010

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Guide your hero to win the hand of his love by becoming the King of an island

Poker Rebel 2012

Poker Rebel is a poker card game simulation. It includes the poker types Texas Hold´em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card

Polizei 2011

Polizei is a simulation about the German police. Players take the role of a team of two control cops: a man with pistol

Among the Dead 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Among the Dead - is an episodic choice-based visual novel about life after the

Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- 2019

In the near future, androids have become the way of the norm. Emotionless husks of metal have become a part of human

If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- 2019

All characters appearing in this game are over 18 years old. While If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- is technically

Virtual Skipper 5 2008

Virtual Skipper 5 is an updated re-release of the sailing game Virtual Skipper 5: 32nd America's Cup - The Game with

Connected Hearts - Visual novel 2019

Type: Visual Novel Language: English Genre: Thriller, Mystery, fantasy Duration: Approximately 6 hours Public: +15

Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall 2019

The confrontation between the socialist and capitalist bloc is coming to an end, but the confrontation between

California Games 2009

California Games is a simulation of 10 different sports like BMX, skateboard or dart. The game can be played in a retro

18 Wheels of Steel. Gold DVD 2019

The 18 Wheels of Steel Gold DVD contains three games of the 18 Wheels of Steel series. The included games are: Hard

Mad Games Tycoon 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)BUILD UP YOUR OWN GAMES EMPIRE Form your own game studio in the early 1980s
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