Pony Friends 2

Pony Friends 2 2009

  • Publication: 14-08-2019, 22:48
    • Published by: Square Enix Limited
    • Developed by: Tantalus Media Pty Ltd.
    • Released: Nov 20, 2009
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
    • Sport: Horse / Derby

Pony Friends 2 is a horse-care simulation game. Once the player's profile is created, a pony, either custom or chosen from pony market, can be acquired and named. More ponies can eventually be acquired from the pony market.

From the main menu, the Home, Stable and Town areas can be visited, and the Options, Friends Mode and Task List menus can be viewed.

Home is the place where the players will view the game progress, do chores and manage pony accessories and pictures taken while trail-riding, while the stable focuses more on pony care. From the stable, the pony can also go play in the field, or be ridden on trail rides and race circuits. The town contains many facilities such as the shop, the veterinarian and the pony club. The pony club is where the player gains access to races, tips, quests, and new tricks for the pony to learn.

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Sobre el juego. Fecha de lanzamiento: 4 de diciembre de. Game Box for Pony Friends 2 ( PC). The game was first announced at Gamecom in a joint Eidos- Square Enix conference. Dieser Artikel: Pony Friends 2 von Eidos Nintendo DS EUR 37, 49. Es hat eine Menge Charme und bietet viele lustige Dinge, die du mit deinem : Pony Friends 2 - Nintendo DS: Video Games. Fecha de lanzamiento: 4/ 12/. Pony Friends 2 Lets Play Pony Friends 2 auf dem PC und noch andere tolle Lets Plays auf:. Related FileForums Posts. MULTI5: EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT ( Retail DVD: ; MULTI3: EN/ CZ/ PL ( Retail DVD :. scubre la fecha de lanzamiento de Pony Friends 2 para PC, Wii, NDS. Pony Friends 2;. Pony Friends 2 is a simulation game developed by Tantalus Media and published by Square Enix for Nintendo DS, Wii, and Windows PC. 2 the sequel to the top selling DS title, now coming to the Wii, Nintendo DS and PC, November. November ; Sprache: Mehrsprachig; Bildschirmtexte: Deutsch; Anleitung: Deutsch. Pony Friends 2 ( PC- DVD) Become best friends with your perfect Pony. Pony Friends 2
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