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Traffic Manager 2012

  • Publication: 11-07-2019, 23:09
    • Published by: Excalibur Publishing Limited
    • Developed by: CyberPhobX Software Development Ltd
    • Released: Jan 06, 2012
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Gameplay: City Building / Construction Simulation, Managerial / Business Simulation
    • Vehicular: Automobile, Transport

Traffic Manager places the player in charge of a city's transportation system. The player is in control of the city's road, bus and tram networks. If that weren't enough the player controls everything from traffic lights to deciding which streets are one-way, from hiring staff and equipment to managing the costs, while coping with weather, traffic accidents and tidal traffic flow at the same time.

The game has three difficulty settings Easy, Medium and Hard, the difference being the levels of pedestrian & traffic and the rates at which roads get damaged and which rain and snow will fall. There are four game goals:
  • Transit Vehicles: These are the trucks and vans that are the city's 'through traffic', they must be able to enter and leave the city as quickly as possible.

  • Private Cars: These should reach their destination, always on the other side of the city, as quickly as possible.

    For both Transit and Private traffic one bonus point is awarded if a vehicle gets to its destination, two points if it gets their quickly, three if it gets there very quickly but penalty points are incurred if it gets stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Pedestrians: The citizens always travel to the opposite side of the city and here the objective is to ensure that they do so by public transport. The more that get to their destination via bus or tram the more points are earned, however pedestrians getting to their destination by other means incurs penalty points. As with vehicular transport the bonus points awarded increases with the speed at which the public get to their destination.

  • Pollution: The smog level should be kept low. Smog depends upon the level of dirt on the roads and the amount of traffic, it is assessed hourly and points are awarded if it is low while penalty points are incurred if it is high.
Vehicles and people will always reach their destination by some means. Traffic mimics the tidal flow that cities experience in real life, i.e. There is little in the early morning and as the day progresses the transit and local traffic ebb and flow at different rates.

If the player succeeds in balancing all these conflicting needs they will earn bonus points which are converted to cash at the end of a 'game day' and the more money the player earns the more vehicles and achievements they unlock.

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