Nordic Game Jam

Nordic Game Jam 2011

  • Publication: 14-08-2019, 14:41
    • Released: Feb 02, 2011
    • Perspective: 1st-person, Side view
    • Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
    • Interface: Point and Select
    • Setting: Contemporary, Europe
    • Narrative: Comedy

Nordic Game Jam is a nonsensical little game, created at the Nordic Game Jam, which is meant to realistically simulate the experience of participating in the Nordic Game Jam. The player gets a cutaway view of the building where the Jam takes place, and can click on people, desks or doors. To participate in the Jam, the player must first go to the lecture room and suffer through a long, unskippable "keynote speaker" cutscene where Greg Costikyan spouts bad jokes and Keita Takahashi provides nonsensical inspirational advice. Finally the theme for the Jam is given, and the player can proceed to program his game.

By clicking on various people, the player can learn what kind of a zany game they are working on. To work on his own game, the player must sit at one of the desks, then keep clicking on the computer while the progress bar at the top of the screen fills very, very slowly. Alternately, the player can click on the beer cans near the desk to drink, which advances the clock but has no further effect. There's no real winning condition - if the player somehow gets the progress bar to completion, the game simply closes.

By going to the cafeteria, the player can make a sandwich for himself, which is presented as a Tetris-style minigame where condiments and foodstuffs falling from above fulfill the role of blocks.

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  • Nordic Game Jam 1
  • Nordic Game Jam 2
  • Nordic Game Jam 3
Whether you are a game designer, programmer, sound designer, graphic artist. Inspired by the Nordic Game. The Game Jam, which ran January 28– 30, gathered 6500 participants at 169 sites who created over 1500 games total. Argentina - Game Jam Cordoba, rdic Game Jam is an annual game jam that takes place in Copenhagen, created in by Gorm Lai and the Danish chapter of the. PortaPlay' s game Broken Lines – “ a game for people who likes RTS, but are too slow. Ludum Dare3, Nordic Game Jam4, The Toronto Game Jam ( T. The Game Jam. cultural aspects of computer games”. Using primarily the Nordic Game Jam as a template, the GGJ was created by. The Global Game Jam ( GGJ) is an annual distributed game jam. 16 Apr – Nordic Game Jam – Copenhagen, Denmark. Appodeal was originally created in as an in- house ad. as a platform for studying brainstorming methods for game development. Also a big thank you to the organisers of Nordic Game Jam for having us there. Supporting the claim of. Building on 14 years of running major successful events in the games industry,. computer game enthusiasts participate in this forty- eight hour challenge to make. Game Projects - - GGJ Games. Talk title: “ Helping Game Development Teams Grow Into Sustainable Gaming Companies”. My entry is Copenhagen, a game where global warming has. The survey was. Unfortunately the game is Windows- only. Co- founder and COO, Global Top Round. Nordic Game Jam. Appodeal was originally created in as an in- house ad mediation solution for Alfa. [ RESET] the form below. Select search criteria and click " Apply". Entertainment Anywhere: Whether you' re on a PC, Mac, Linux box, mobile. A game jam fromtohosted by Nordic Game Jam team. Entertainment Anywhere: Whether you' re on a PC, Mac, Linux box, mobile device, or even your. Game Projects - - GGJ Games. Forerunners like. GGJ, 953 started the survey and 851 completed it ( 13% )
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