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Slave Maker 2

Slave Maker 2 2009

  • Publication: 3-09-2019, 13:52
    • Released: Nov 01, 2009
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
    • Art: Anime / Manga
    • Pacing: Turn-based
    • Gameplay: Managerial / Business Simulation
    • Narrative: Adult

Slave Maker 2 is a 2D hentai RPG managerial game and the sequel to the flash game Slave Maker. The player is a slave maker. He trains various anime/game girls (like Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 or Ayane from Dead or Alive) to be a good slaves. He needs to plan the entire day for them. Planning includes working, school, rest and other activities, including nightly sexual activity. It is also possible to buy various items in shops. The girls have statistics (such as charisma, intelligence, cooking and cleaning skills or obedience). Better statistics eventually make for a better slave.

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