Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death

Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death 2002

  • Publication: 22-06-2019, 02:09
    • Developed by: Caravel Games
    • Released: Oct 26, 2002
    • Perspective: Top-down
    • Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
    • Pacing: Turn-based
    • Interface: Direct Control
    • Setting: Fantasy

Caravel Software's first game is an open source (and thus free) re-write of Deadly Rooms of Death, a challenging puzzle game, involving 25 levels of dungeon exploration and monster slaying. Beethro Budkin has been hired to clean out King Dugan's dungeon which has become infested with roaches, serpents, goblins and living tar, to name but a few.

The gameplay is identical, but the newer version features slight graphical improvements, new sound and music, a few bugfixes and - most importantly - automatic saving and checkpoints to make the game slightly easier.

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Screenshots Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death

  • Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death 0
  • Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death 1
  • Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death 2
  • Caravel: Deadly Rooms of Death 3
This version, version 1. 0 and Visual Studio are also present. It was created by Erik Hermansen. Workspace files for Microsoft Visual Studio 6. Deadly Rooms of Death ( DROD) is a computer puzzle game. All games are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Developer: Caravel Games. Platform( s) . Welcome to the Deadly Rooms of Death community website. With help of several people, Caravel DROD ( or DROD 1. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X compilations are supported. DROD is a unique puzzle- logic game with clever mechanics and an engaging story. Windows, Linux, Mac OS. If this is your first experience with DROD, the World' s Best Puzzle Game, you' ll soon learn there' s so. " Deadly Rooms of Death" ( DROD) is a turn- based strategy and tactics puzzle game series. The official public repository of Deadly Rooms of Death. strategy dungeon crawler, Deadly Rooms of Death finally comes to to the. Platform( s) . 5) was invented, and released in October. adly Rooms of Death is a turn- based puzzle game ( or " stepping game" ). Mode( s), Single player. 5, is commonly known as Caravel DROD, and was first released in late October. For a description of what DROD is,. Release, 1996. ( c) Caravel Games. Caravel DROD is a superb - and free - updated remake of the maddeningly addictive Deadly Rooms of Death ( aka DROD). Quick Look: Game Room - Search results - QL Crew - Giant Bomb - Get Giant Bomb Quick Looks and other videos with your favorite staff. This game, officially re- dubbed DROD, and released by Caravel
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