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Flower Paradise 2009

  • Publication: 10-05-2019, 22:42
    • Published by: Fugazo Inc.
    • Developed by: Fugazo Inc.
    • Released: May 07, 2009
    • Perspective: Side view
    • Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
    • Gameplay: Falling Block Puzzle, Tile Matching Puzzle
    • Interface: Point and Select

Build your dream garden in a Japanese, Hawaiian or French style.

Flower Paradise is a match three game with a garden theme. To make a match, use your mouse to swap two flowers so as to create a straight row of three or more, vertically or horizontally. These will then disappear and you will receive money for each flower in the match. This will turn the dirt into green grass. To clear the level, you must have all squares with grass. If there are squares with sand, they must be matched to make dirt then matched again to make grass.

As the levels progress, you will encounter obstacles. These include stones that block flowers from growing. To remove them, make several matches that are next to them. You will also have vines. These will lock a flower in place. To remove them, make a match that includes this flower.

When you match five flowers in a row, you will get help. These may be an earthquake that clears all flowers in a five square diameter, a waterfall that clears all flowers on a vertical row or a tornado that clears all flowers in a horizontal row.

The money you earned can then be used to buy flowers, animals and/or decor for your garden. Each item you buy increases the bars next to Flower, Animal and Decor at the top of the screen. You begin with just the Japanese garden. When you complete all three, you earn a bronze trophy and unlock the Hawaiian garden. Complete all three on the Hawaiian garden to unlock the French garden.

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Match 18 unique flower types as you build your own Japanese, Hawaiian, and French gardens. Customize your gardens with birds, butterflies, landscaping and more as you unlock new flowers and features. Puzzle Casual Minigame Arcade. Browse By Content:. GamesRocket [ PC] best deal $ 7. Digital download Flower Paradise [ Download] and play today. XboxOne Switch PC WiiU 3DS PS Vita iOS Reports RSS Feeds. Play traditional Match 3 puzzles or try the innovative Box Clear Mode. Welcome to Flower Paradise. Match 18 unique flower types as you build your own Japanese, Hawaiian and French gardens. Flower Paradise Play Video. Customize your garden with plants, birds, butterflies, fish, statues, and more as you unlock each feature. Solve your way through unique flower puzzles in order to turn a patch of dirt into your own beautiful garden. David Stone 3 min read. Escape to a paradise of fun and build the garden of your dreams in Flower Paradise Deluxe, a breathtaking 3- in- a- row challenge. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box ( PC). Just in time for spring, Fugazo brings us Flower Paradise, a e how well critics are rating the Best Video Games for. Fugazo’ s garden- themed match- 3 puzzle game, Flower Paradise, has launched. Erin Bell on May 1, at 12: 06am. 0 out of 5 ( not yet rated) Digital Download ( 2) There are 2 shops proposing this game for download at an average price of $ 8. Paradise awaits in this fun filled flower matching game. Paradise awaits in Flower Paradise, a fun filled flower matching game. Flower Paradise ( pc game) Fugazo. Flower Paradise Review. Play traditional match 3 puzzles or try the innovative Box Clear Mode. Amazon [ PC] view deal $ 9. GCA Games Convention Asia is to be held at the Suntec Singapore International. Match vibrant flowers to earn virtual money to spend on designing and nurturing your very own lush garden. Customize your garden with flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, fish, hedges, statues and more as you unlock each feature using your Match 3 skills. by David Stone on May 9, at 2: 35 PM
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