Pyrastak 2001

Pyrastak is a single-player, freeware, falling block puzzle game in which both the colour and the shape on the block

Alice: Behind the Mirror 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Plunge back into the heart of a legendary tale in a brand new adventure

The Black Watchmen 2015

The Black Watchmen is an alternate reality game or ARG, a form of a live action RPG experience which instead of stats

Pixel Puzzles 2: RADical ROACH 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Pixel Puzzles 2: RADical ROACH is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game with

Rolling Madness 3D 2005

Rolling Madness 3D is an enhanced freeware remake of Marble Madness, which builds on Atari's original arcade version.

Lumines: Puzzle Fusion 2008

A puzzle game in which the goal is to place as many 2-color falling blocks (a la Tetris) on the playing field in

Sleepwalker 1999

Sleepwalker is an isometric puzzle where a sleepwalking man in his pajamas needs to be guided to safety. The character

Waddle Home 2016

PlayStation Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Waddle Home is a game about life as a benevolent alien who loves saving

Multimedialny Świat Juliana Tuwima 1997

Multimedialny Świat Juliana Tuwima (The Multimedia World of Julian Tuwim) is an educational program dedicated to the

Gaia 3D Puzzle 2008

Gaia 3D Puzzle is jigsaw puzzle game taking advantage of the 3D view. Gamers can select their own images and the number

Sweet Seasons 2017

Sweet Seaons is an adult puzzle game where the goal is to flip over all the tiles on the game board. Clicking a tile

BrainSport 2013

BrainSport is a remake of the 1991 ZX Spectrum game BrainSport originally included with Your Sinclair Magnificent 7

NightSky 2011

In NightSky a boy finds a glowing sphere on the beach. He brings it home, but ever since finding it he has the

Floating Islands Game 2019

Floating Islands Game is a puzzle game, similar to Lemmings. The game centers around a "brainless, green clothed guy"

Lines Free by Nestor Yavorskyy 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Lines Free is a Numberlink-based puzzle game involving finding paths to connect

Der Grosse Wissens Trainer 2019

Der Grosse Wissenstrainer is a quiz game for up to 4 players. More than 5500 questions from 20 different areas are

9Squares 2002

9Squares is an arcade-style puzzle game. The goal of 9Squares is to earn as much points as you can by matching

Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom 2008

Natalie Brooks, the heroin from Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House, is coming back for a new adventure involving
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