MSI Electric City: Core Assault 2017

MSI Electric City: Core Assault is a sequel to MSI Electric City. Rediscover the magnificent city and experience the

Path Out 2019

Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure game that allows the players to experience the journey of Abdullah Karam,


MINDNIGHT is a FREE TO PLAY online multiplayer game of social deduction for 5 to 8 players, a take on the classic party

Holodrive 2019

Holodrive is a super fast-paced collectable 2D multiplayer shooter. Create your robot, customize it and jetpack your

JermaSlots 2019

Hey gamers! That's right! You! Ever wanted to step into the compact shoes of everyone's favorite TOP 1000 TWITCH

Lost Lands: Mahjong 2019

Play a classic mahjong solitaire game and help the elven people. Set out on a journey of epic proportions with the Lost

Prime World: Defenders 2 2019

Defenders 2, - an exciting hybrid of Tower Defense and CCG, - is now available on Steam! Numerous challenging battles

Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons 2019

Jigoku Kisetsukan is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up of the bullet hell genre with anime-style drawings and chip

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II 2019

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II boasts a unique three-team symmetry and a myriad of colorful characters to promote

CrocoMars 2019

CrocoMars is a top-down shooter for the colonization of Mars by reptilians, executed in pixel graphics. You will find

Sol705 2019

Enjoy the first episode in this hilarious point and click free graphic adventure lead by a group of mysterious friends

Atlas Reactor 2019

Compete in 4v4 team battles in Solo, Vs. Bots, PvP, Ranked, and Custom games. With the range of ability combos

Audio Forager 2019

Feel the magic of Machine Learning in this new experiment that combines over 44,000 sounds from Freesound, a data set

Towards The Pantheon: Escaping Eternity 2019

A soldier wakes up in darkness with a headache - where is he, and how did he get here? Towards The Pantheon: Escaping

The Ranger: Lost Tribe 2019

Hi, we are the developers of "Deadly Hunter VR" an Archery Game we released earlier this year. It's free and very

Freedom Locomotion VR 2019

Walk, jog, run, climb and crawl across a range of locations and terrains in the Freedom Locomotion VR demo. This game

TinkerQuarry 2017

Waking up in a strange room within an ethereal dollhouse, a young girl must travel with her rabbit companion to escape

Trick & Treat 2016

NOTICE: Please run the game in your Library, or the achievements may not be unlockedヽ(;▽;)ノ And please don't press F12
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