Multimedialny Świat Juliana Tuwima 1997

Multimedialny Świat Juliana Tuwima (The Multimedia World of Julian Tuwim) is an educational program dedicated to the

Dora the Explorer: World Adventure! 2019

Dora the Explorer is a very young Latina who speaks English peppered with Spanish words. She stars in an animated

Pettson o Findus och mucklornas värld 2019

In the fourth game with Pettson and Findus the cat, you have to guide Findus and a companion through the house. Twelve

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon 1995

When Putt-Putt visits the fireworks factory, a slip of Pep's paw sends him rocketing to the moon. Once there, he must

McDonald's Videogame 2019

This free, unlicensed game is a parody of McDonald's (a US fast food restaurant chain) and a jab at its corporate

Too C.O.O.L.: Volume 2 2019

Too C.O.O.L.: Volume 2 is the second in a series of edutainment titles. Too C.O.O.L.: Volume 1 was about outer space so

Make a Word 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)This game will help you learn new words and get to know the language you want

Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service 2019

Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service is a series of educational mini games featuring the BBC TV character Postman Pat.

You Don't Know Jack Classic Pack 2013

You Don't Know Jack Classic Pack is a digital compilation that includes the following YDKJ games: You Don't Know Jack

Fuck You 2019

The scene is set, resembling nothing so much as Space Invaders: you pilot a spaceship above three strategic targets,

Tabaluga: Im Land der Karawanen 2019

Tabaluga: Im Land der Karawanen is an adventure game for children. Tabaluga's home Grünland is in danger. The big grain

The Grand Museum VR 2018

PlayStation Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)This virtual museum environment contains 82 models of real world ancient

CeeBot3 Educational Programming Software 2003

CeeBot has been designed for teaching programming to students from 11 years on with a modern pedagogical approach:

Pippi Långstrump 2019

Pippi Långstrump consists of both an audio book and a game based on Astrid Lindgren's famous children book character.

Ludwig 2014

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)OVERVIEW 2098. Mankind has left the Earth and is now living in space colonies.

Bygg flygplan med Mulle Meck 2019

Bygg Flygplan med Mulle Meck is the third game in the series featuring the children's book character Mulle Meck (known

Test & Improve Your Memory 2019

Test & Improve your Memory is a single player, 'brain training' game. The game consists of a series of puzzles which

Dark Mist: The Wizard Vanishes 2001

Dark Mist - The Wizard Vanishes is a fantasy, multiple room-based discovery game designed for ages 8 to adult. The
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