Warhazard: Return of Darkness

Warhazard: Return of Darkness 2002

  • Publication: 5-05-2019, 15:12
    • Published by: X Media GmbH
    • Developed by: X Media GmbH
    • Released: Jun 12, 2002
    • Pacing: Real-Time
    • Setting: Fantasy
    • Add-on: Map / Level, Story / Mission

Warhazard is an unofficial expansion for WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos and is by no means endorsed by WarCraft developer Blizzard.

The plot of Warhazard will sound familiar to players of the original: gloom engulfs the country and demons arise in the cover of foggy valleys. The time of heroes returns, as players lead the sword of nemesis through battles into an unimaginable adventure.

Warhazard basically delivers four new campaigns for the series, as well as a collection of new multiplayer maps and game modes. It also brings with it new units and items, and also a new Level Up system, which rewards an active player with more skill points. A role-play campaign places players in charge of a party with several heroes, as they explore mystical worlds in the search for the holy artefact.

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