Survarium: Vepr 'Molot' Pack

Survarium: Vepr 'Molot' Pack 2016

  • Publication: 16-07-2019, 15:40
    • Published by: Vostok Games
    • Released: Mar 25, 2016
    • Official Site: Survarium: Vepr 'Molot' Pack
    • Add-on: Currency, Item, Map / Level, Other

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)If you are looking for great value combined with effective equipment and bonuses, look no further. The Vepr 12 Molot Pack provides you with ample opportunity to survive in Survarium.Vepr -12 Molot, lvl 4.The warriors of the New World have always relied on this semiautomatic shotgun when it comes to close-range combats: if it shoots, it hits hard!

Bonuses of this premium weapon include:
  • All weapon modules unlocked
  • ?? Random modifier
  • ?? Random modifier
  • ?? Random modifier
  • +25% Silver
30 days PremiumAdvance your character. Gain extra experience, silver, faction reputation etc.

Bonuses of this item include:
  • +50% Silver Gain
  • +50% Reputation Gain
  • +50% Experience Gain
5 Stash MapsUse stash maps to open more stashes after the battle. In stashes you can often find expensive and unique equipment as well as useful supplies250 000 SilverSilver is a currency in Survarium. Use silver to purchase equipment, weapons, supplies and upgrades from the in-game factions.Radiation Warning DecalPlace this anywhere on your character's armor or pants.Pistols Prohibited DecalPlace this anywhere on your character's armor or pants.

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