Atari Collection: Strategie 2005

Atari Collection: Strategie is one of four simultaneously released compilations (for the other three see Atari's Atari

Humble Monthly Bundle: June 2016 2016

Humble Monthly Bundle: June 2016 is a time-limited compilation that could be purchased for $12 in June 2016. It

DC Universe Online: Episode Pack III 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Continue your Heroic or Villainous adventures with the five Episodes of

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Ultimate Collection 2012

The ultimate collection of the Dawn of War games contains previously released Dawn of War games as well as their

Dracula 4+5 2019

Dracula 4+5 is a bundle digital release on GOG which includes: Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon Dracula 5: The Blood

Sports Game Pack (Wintersports Edition) 2007

A compilation with three frosty sport games by CDV. The games included are: Freak Out: Extreme Freeride Ice Hockey Club

Cultures Gold 2019

Cultures Gold is a compilation including: Cultures Cultures: Die Rache des Regengottes

50 Fantastic Games 2019

50 Fantastic Games is a compilation of games all of which have been released into the public domain as freeware, in

Jagged Alliance Compilation 2019

This compilation includes: Jagged Alliance Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Jagged Alliance 2 Jagged Alliance 2:

Deus Ex: Complete 2009

This collection includes the first two Deus Ex games: Deus Ex Deus Ex: Invisible War

Injustice 2: Fighter Pack 1 2017

This compilation of DLC for the game Injustice 2 contains: Injustice 2: Gods Shader Pack Injustice 2: Power Girl

Video Game Classics 2019

Video Game Classics is a collection of 25 shareware and free games: Ack Ack Attack Airlift Rescue Apydia 2000 Asterocks

Panzerkrieg: Gold Edition 2010

This compilation contains: Panzerkrieg: Burning Horizon 2 Conflict 2012 Blitzkrieg: Green Devils reloaded The game also

Avernum: The Complete Saga 2013

This compilation includes: Avernum Avernum 2 Avernum 3 Avernum 4 Avernum 5 Avernum 6 Blades of Avernum

UFO Trilogy 2019

This compilation bundles 3 games in the UFO series: UFO: Aftermath UFO: Aftershock UFO: Afterlight

Hidden Mysteries Collection 2019

Hidden Mysteries Collection This compilation contains three games: Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace Hidden

Nickelodeon Adventure Pack 2019

Nickelodeon Adventure Pack is a compilation of three games based on Nickelodeon cartoons. They are: Rugrats in Paris:

Tropico: Dictator Pack 2014

The Dictator Pack contains the first four Tropico games, together with the add-ons. The games in this compilation are:
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