Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Collection 2018

This compilation of the Shadow Wolf Mysteries contains the games: Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family

OpenOffice (included games) 2002

An easter egg is often just one more program tossed in to a cumbersome mix of other programs; in this case, the German

The Quiet Collection 2018

The Quiet Collection is a compilation of four games: Quiet, Please! Quiet Christmas Vacation Vexation Candy, Please!

Totally Combat 2019

Totally Combat is a compilation of three first-person shooter games: Deadly Dozen Line of Sight: Vietnam Tactical Ops:

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm (Vinyl Edition) 2018

The Vinyl Edition of the 2017 game Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is a Square Enix Online exclusive. This version

The Complete Ultima VII 2011

This compilation includes the following games: Ultima VII: The Black Gate Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (add-on) Ultima

Best of Match 3 2011

This retail compilation contains: Mode Mania Diamantenzauber Fruit Lockers 2 Atlantis Quest Brick Shooter Egypt Lost

Die große Wimmelbild-Box 3 2010

A collection of three Hidden-Object-Games. The games within this package are: Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of

Roads of Rome / Roads of Rome II / Roads of Rome III 2013

This compilation includes all previously released Roads of Rome games. The games within this compilation are: Roads of

18 Wheels of Steel: Gold Edition 2009

The 18 Wheels of Steel: Gold Edition contains four games of the 18 Wheels of Steel series. The included games are: 18

Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle 2013

Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle includes: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the

Awakening Bundle 2013

This bundle contains two adventure games of the Awakening series: Awakening: The Dreamless Castle Awakening: Moonfell

Grim Legends Collection 2019

This collection of the Grim Legends games contains the first three games. The items in this package are: Grim Legends:

Classic Activision Bundle 2019

This compilation contains classic video games from the 90s, which were published by Activision. The games in this

Jack's Crazy Special 2007

This compilation contains the following games: Jack's Boulder Match Jack's Sokoman Jack's Crazy Cong Jack's Crazy Cong 2

Strategy First Complete Pack 2008

Strategy First Complete Pack is a digital compilation of these games: 688(I) Hunter/Killer Alien Shooter: Vengeance

Chimeras: Collection 2017

This bundle of the Chimeras games contains the games: Chimeras: The Signs of Prophecy (Collector's Edition) Chimeras:

Max Payne 3: Special Edition 2012

This special edition includes: Max Payne 3 Classic Multiplayer Character Pack (DLC) Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer
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