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Arcade Classics 2019

  • Publication: 12-07-2019, 22:27
    • Published by: Pleasuresoft
    • Released: 2011

There are probably dozens of game discs called Arcade Classics, this one was supplied free by an e-bay seller when a 'full priced' game was purchased. The games on this compilation are from a variety of freeware sources, they are:
  • Neave Pac-Man
  • Missile Strike, called Missile Command in the menu, is a Macromedia Flash game from X-Pressive
  • Gyroball from Why | Digital is also a Macromedia Flash game
  • Lunar Jetman from Andy Noble
  • Battleships: General Quarters II from F-Active
  • Galaxian from Crozza Games
  • Highway Encounter, a remake of the Spectrum version from Urbaninteractive Software
  • Silversphere by DX Interactive
  • Crazy Cube by
  • Manic Miner is another game from Andy Noble
  • Space Invaders from PJ Crossley of Crozza Games
  • Chuckie Egg from GameForge
The CD autoloads when Windows detects it and displays first an information screen and then a game browser which displays the games' pictures in a grid. Clicking on a game runs that game from the CD though some do access the hard drive to record high scores etc

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