Mega Footy! CD-ROM

Mega Footy! CD-ROM 2019

  • Publication: 12-07-2019, 20:17
    • Developed by: Expansive Media Ltd
    • Released: 2008
    • Sport: Football (European) / Soccer

The Mega Footy! CD-ROM is a covermount disc which accompanied the Match Of The Day magazine in 2008. The disc contains the following;
  • Match Of The Day: The Ultimate Quiz Challenge. This is a single player quiz with one hundred timed questions spread over ten categories. Each category is effectively a separate quiz as the player's score is given after each round and the score from one round does not carry forward to the next. The categories are Club Grounds; Club Managers; Club Nicknames; Club Strips; Foreign Players; Name The Team; Positions; Songs And Chants; Superstars and Pot Luck
  • A preview of FIFA Soccer 2009 including the game trailer, an 'Inside The Game" video and screenshots. Unlike PES 2009, this content is NOT on the disc and was accessed by opening a browser and linking to the game's website.
  • A preview of PES 2009 consisting of Nintendo Wii video, a Lionel Messi skills video, a PES 2009 Champions League video montage, PES 2009 desktop backgrounds and an interview with Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka. All this content is present on the disc.
  • Door Hangers &Fact Sheets. All these printable documents are in .pdf format and are viewed in an Adobe Acrobat window.
    • Team Fact Sheets: These are single page documents showing the team crest and ground and its capacity, star players and one item of trivia. There's one sheet for each of the following teams Arsenal; Aston Villa; Blackburn Rovers; Bolton Wanderers; Chelsea; Everton; Fulham, Hull City; Liverpool; Man City; Man United; Middlesbrough; Newcastle; Portsmouth; Stoke Sunderland; Tottenham; West Bromich Albion; West Ham and Wigan Athletic.
    • Door Hangers: There are six of these each featuring a different footballer, three have welcoming messages and three are variations of 'Go Away!'
    • Fact Sheets: there are five of these and they are all lists designed to look like open pages in a spiral bound folder. The list Teams who have won premiership titles; Champions League & European Cup Winners; FA Cup Winners; League Cup Winners; and All Time Top Goalscorers.
  • Three Fun Games: All these tames are single player, Macromedia Flash games that play in a small separate window and use the mouse.
    • Keep Ups: In a small window is a footballer which the player moves from side to side along the bottom of the screen. From high on the left of the screen footballs appear, the object is to prevent them from hitting the ground until they bounce over the goalpost on the right of the window
    • Match Ups: This is a Concentration style game in which a picture is obscured by grid. In each cell of the grid is an animated face, hidden because its 'face down. The player must match pairs of identical heads together to reveal the picture beneath.
    • Shoot Out: This is a space invaders type of game. The player controls a footballer on the goal line. Advancing towards him are orange 'Goobers' who spit green slime. The player's task is to kill all the 'Goobers' by shooting footballs at them and to prevent the Boss Goober from reaching the goal mouth.
  • Full Price Games: Three full price games were also included on the disc, all from Greenstreet Games The games had been released separately and were later bundled together in the World Football compilation. The Mega Footy! screen opens the World Football installer menu from which the following games can be installed separately;
    • Five-A-Side Football
    • Kick'n'Rush Soccer 2006
    • Football Champions Quiz
The disc also contained details of a postal offer for one of four free books, "The Little Book Of Chelsea", "The Little Book Of Manchester United", "The Little Book Of Liverpool" or "The Little Book Of Arsenal".

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