Winter Novel

Winter Novel 2019

  • Publication: 11-07-2019, 23:10
    • Release Date: 10 Aug, 2016
    • System Requirements:
      • Memory: 40 MB RAM
      • Storage: 4 MB available space

“Snow, dullness, depression. Constant dissatisfaction with work and superiors and feeling like there is no escape. Is this what life will always be? Perhaps… but I can always hope for change to be just around the corner!…”

Sveta is a young bank intern. She believes that there is no end to the cycle of monotony that has become her life; secretly wishing for change but is too depressed to find the motivation.

Vlad is an unsociable, devil-may-care freelancer without any respect for the status quo who prefers to work alone.

They find their lives turned upside-down when they are forced to work together on an urgent, high-profile project that could change the course of their careers.

Can they work together despite their differences? Will this relationship change their lives for the better?


  • A visual novel with an old-school style – take a trip back to the 80’s with ASCII-art!
  • Music by Sergey Eybog, compositor of “Everlasting Summer” – a compilation of chiptune-style melodies that complement the vibe of the game.
  • ”Less than 1MB for download?!” Winter Novel has been made in pure C – just like how they were in the good old days.
  • 30-60 minutes of gameplay – a game for the visual novel fans and curious casual gamers alike!

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Casual - Indie - Simulation





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