Heirs & Graces 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Marcel knows two things about his biological father: One, Lord Sandor abandoned

Femspray 2009

Femspray is a free 2D point-and-click adventure. A mad doctor has developed a spray to turn all men into women. You are

Sunset Overdrive 2019

Don’t miss the single-player campaign from the game that IGN awarded Best Xbox One Game of 2014, the game that Polygon

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones 2019

Nightmares form the Deep 3: Davy Jones - get ready for the final chapter of the epic pirate trilogy! Become a fearless

Abode 2016

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Abode takes place in a Sci-fi noir universe. Be a vigilant detective! Explore


Professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager Steve is charged with cleaning up the city by an anthropomorphic

SwingStar VR 2019

SwingStar VR allows players to swing around a virtual reality world using a giant sticky hand attached to their head.

The Twelve Trials 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Face off against some of the greatest heroes of your age when you are called by

Bibi Blocksberg: Verhexte Ferien 2019

Bibi Blocksberg: Verhexte Ferien is an adventure game for children. Bibi goes into summer camp, and strange things

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water 2011

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is a hidden object adventure title and continues directly after the events of the

Beyond Eden 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Beyond Eden is a visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes

Whispered Secrets: Into the Wind (Collector's Edition) 2018

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)From GrandMA Studios, creators of Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville and

Infinite Monkeys 2006

This game was made for the fifth anniversary of the monthly game design contest of AGS (Adventure Game Studio). As

Nevertales: Legends (Collector's Edition) 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Mad Head Games proudly presents an enchanting new adventure from Taleworld! You

Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon 2019

It's a platformer about magic and whacking things! What does that mean? It means you go around whacking enemies with

Mad Father 2012

Aya Drevis lives alone withe her father Arthur in their mansion in northern Germany. Ayas father is a scientist and he

Companion 2017

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Will you please let me stay with you? I will do whatever you want. Two arms

Moebius: Empire Rising 2014

Moebius: Empire Rising is a 3rd-person point-and-click adventure game written by Jane Jensen, creator of Gabriel Knight
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