Rising Angels: Reborn

Rising Angels: Reborn 2013

  • Publication: 18-08-2019, 05:37
    • Published by: Sekai Project
    • Developed by: IDHAS Studios
    • Released: Oct 31, 2013
    • Official Site: Rising Angels: Reborn
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Gameplay: Visual Novel
    • Setting: Fantasy

Rising Angels: Reborn is a game in the visual novel genre, with the occasional prompt for choices, with some of them having more impact in the game, leading to several possible different endings.

The game is set in a futuristic setting, with intergalactic exploration and interspecies relationships being one of the main focus points.

The story follows Natalie Puccile, a brilliant young woman that works as a regular officer, and her being tasked with the orders she has always dreamed off – being put in charge of a spaceship and leading a small crew on a very important mission. Leadership is one of the main motifs in the game, exploring the intricacies of such a task, with the added difficulty of having to deal with not only different people and races, but even different species altogether.

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Screenshots Rising Angels: Reborn

  • Rising Angels: Reborn 0
  • Rising Angels: Reborn 1
  • Rising Angels: Reborn 2
  • Rising Angels: Reborn 3
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