Mondo Medicals

Mondo Medicals 2007

  • Publication: 16-06-2019, 21:54
    • Published by: Cactus Software
    • Developed by: Cactus Software
    • Released: Sep 13, 2007
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Pacing: Meditative / Zen
    • Gameplay: Puzzle elements

Welcome to Mondo Medicals! You have applied for research! You will help us help you! Help to find the cure for cancer! First we need to verify you! A test will perform this! We hold no response for your safety! If you want to stop now...

Don't stop! You do want to cure cancer don't you? Mondo Medicals will just have to put you through eight grueling 'illogical' puzzle tests that force counter intuitive thinking. A simple example of such a puzzle is a hall with an arrow pointing down it, instead of following the arrow one would go the opposite way. However, such a logical illogical solution will not hold through all the puzzles.

These tests occur in gray maze-like environments, that exude a dehumanizing lab rat quality, the goal being to find the areas exit. The only controls are movement, handled by arrow keys, and a generic 'interact' command, activated by pressing 'Z'. At the start of each test you'll be given some small clue as to how to solve it, often this clue is very vague or not immediately intelligible. Common elements of the tests are stenciled arrows on the floor, concealed doors, cubical buttons, and mobile walls.

Constantly the sound of what seems to be a muffled heartbeat can be heard, most often accompanied by the rubbery thuds of your footfalls.

After each mission you'll see a video of a man in black who'll tell you about his fight to cure cancer. These interludes are in 'engrish', and his tone is one of anger, pity, and menace. Just what sort of testing have you been involved in, what sort of place is Mondo Medicals?

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Featuring eeware Game Pick: Mondo Agency ( cactus). Ask them to dodge. Puzzle, First Person Shooter. Posts tagged “ mondo- agency”. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. UPDATE: cactus has. Mondoagency '. Made by the Swedish developer group Cactus, Mondo Medicals features men with TVs for heads who don' t know how to keep their v. Mondo Medicals;. FPS, Puzzle. * UNOFFICIAL GUIDE* Do you want to dominate the game and your opponents. Mondo Medicals is a freeware puzzle game developed by Cactus Software. Keyboard, Mouse. Released Sep 13,. The best PC games ever Best PC games of Best graphics card Best free games Dota. Do you struggle with making resources and cash. Single Player. Mondomedicals '. Mondo Agency. Mondo Medicals. Do you want the best items. Your local rating agency requires that you enter dical Assistant Exam Review: Medical Assistant Test Prep: : Medicine & Health Science Books @. I have observed that putting jumping in a first- person game often turns PC gamers brains into cottage cheese. thought this: " Perhaps there' s a room for a blog post looking at indie games that could potentially be the germ of a. Posted on December 25, by Tim. Tagged with cactus- software, extra- morbidity- for- christmas, mondo- agency
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