BoneTown 2019

  • Publication: 11-07-2019, 23:29
    • Published by: D-Dub Software
    • Developed by: D-Dub Software
    • Released: 2009
    • Official Site: BoneTown
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
    • Gameplay: Fighting
    • Narrative: Adult

Bonetown is a sandbox game where sex with hot women is the main goal and drugs and violence the way to achieve it. The game takes place in a coast town where everybody, be it native Americans, Jews, Pygmies, hippies and many others, does sex, drugs and likes a good fight once in a while. There is no place for puritanism in a city like this. Unluckily, an evil corporation called "The Man, Inc." has settle in the city and has passed many laws against public sex and drugs. The main character is a newcomer that soon finds himself fighting for the liberties of Bonetown inhabitants and trying to have sex with as many women as possible.

The goal of Bonetown is to free the city from The Man corporation and, for this, your main tool is your balls. The bigger they are the stronger and more sexually attractive the character will be. In order to do so, he has to satisfy girls when having sex. At the beginning, only the fattest women will be interested in you, but thanks to paid sex and some drugs, the player will be able to bone increasingly sexy women. In addition, big balls also mean more strength to fight The Man's men, and any other man you want to rob. But not only balls are necessary to win a fight. There are many drugs in Bonetown that serve as power. Weed makes you jump higher, crack gives you high speed, etc. And if you manage to defeat various badasses of the city, you'll be able to gain their power moves and become increasingly unbeatable.

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