X-Change 3

X-Change 3 2004

  • Publication: 27-05-2019, 23:39
    • Published by: Crowd Co. Ltd.
    • Developed by: Crowd Co. Ltd.
    • Released: Jun 25, 2004
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Art: Anime / Manga
    • Gameplay: Visual Novel
    • Narrative: Adult

Continuing the pattern established in X-Change and X-Change 2, the adult visual novel game X-Change 3 follows Takuya Aihara and how an unwanted transformation into a girl is affecting his relationship with his girlfriend, Asuka. Now a fourth-year university student at Kita no Miyako Academy, Takuya discovers, much to his horror, that Kouji, his unwanted suitor from the first two games, still hasn't moved on and has convinced his Professor to satisfy her curiosity by using him as a human guinea pig.

Like the previous game, X-Change 3 adds more hardcore scenes than its predecessor, which resulted in several scenes being edited or removed in the official Peach Princess translation.

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