Jewel Knights Crusaders

Jewel Knights Crusaders 2019

  • Publication: 14-07-2019, 16:03
    • Published by: G-Collections
    • Developed by: Zerocool
    • Released: May, 2004
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Art: Anime / Manga
    • Gameplay: Visual Novel
    • Narrative: Adult

Ginji is a street fighting man. His greatest pleasure is to pick fights against strangers, and win them. One night, his life is turned upside down when he meets four women duking it out in outrageous costumes. Three of those women, he discovers, are the Jewel Knights - soldiers sworn to fight for justice at all costs. And as it turns out, they are interested in his abilities.

Jewel Knights Crusaders is a comedy, parodying such "battle team" anime and live-action television as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. It plays as an interactive novel, progressing at its own pace and pausing occasionally for the user to intervene by making a choice, thus resulting in a plot branch.

This title contains graphic depictions of sex, and is for adults only.

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