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Mission Critical

Mission Critical 2018

  • Publication: 2-09-2019, 17:53
    • Published by: Piko Interactive LLC
    • Developed by: Legend Entertainment Company
    • Released: May 09, 2018
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Pacing: Real-Time
    • Gameplay: Graphic Adventure
    • Setting: Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi / Futuristic

Mission Critical is a first-person graphic adventure. It is 2134, and the human race has been at war for 50 years since the Alliance declared independence from the stifling rule of the UN and its anti-technology policies. The Alliance is losing the war to the UN's greater numbers, but recently, Alliance scientists discovered an alien artifact on the planet Persephone.

You are onboard the USS Lexington on its top-secret mission to investigate the artifact, and hopefully change the course of the war to the Alliance's favor. But the UN's spies are everywhere, and before the introductory movie is over, the Lexington has been ambushed and Captain Dayna has been forced to sacrifice almost the entire crew of the Lexington to destroy the attacking cruiser Dharma, leaving only you behind, unconscious.

When you awaken, you discover yourself alone on a damaged ship. You'll have to patch the holes, prevent reactor overload, and bring the ship's computer back on-line before you can attempt to successfully complete the Lexington's original mission.

Until the Lexington's condition is stabilized, there's a real-time clock ticking away (you get several hours). There are lots of inventory-based puzzles to be solved. You'll also have to defend the Lexington from UN attacks in a simple 3D real-time strategy game (which has an adjustable difficulty level if you have trouble).

Eventually, you'll be able to land on Persephone, investigate the artifact, and use its power to save mankind.

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Your mission. Adventure game set on a spaceship. macOS ( OS X) ( DOSBox), May 9,. Well I came across one, Mission Critical Mars at the discount bin at Barnes & Noble. Mission Critical guide at StrategyWiki. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games. Gameplay for Mission Critical, Dos PC game produced by Legend Entertainment in 1995. Captain McKain / Lexington Computer / UN Commander # 1 / Radio Voice # 3 ( voice). Red alert: Mission Critical on. Mission Critical ( 1995). When the Command Computer sounds the alarm, the clock starts ticking. codes are just how you let the command computer know you completed a task or ended an : SmartLab Toys Mission Critical: Mars Cooperative Space Adventure Board Game: Toys & Games. Your mission could have ended fifteen years of interstellar war, but now - as the only remaining crewman - your first order. emergencies and solve problems together as the electronic Command Computer narrates your adventure. Mission Critical: Mars is a cooperative game where players are attempting to. The hull of your crippled vessel has ruptured, air is leaking into space, and weapons systems are down. Have you ever come across a board games that is so obscure that there is almost no information about it. Legend' s 1995 sci- fi adventure available now digitally for Windows and Mac. OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Mission Critical. It is vital that the astronauts stay healthy and perform Mission Tasks throughout the. Gameplay for Mission Critical, Dos PC game produced by Legend Entertainment in 1995. THE ULTIMATE GAME OF SURVIVAL. Pressing any button on the Command Computer turns it on
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