American McGee's Grimm: Snow White

American McGee's Grimm: Snow White 2009

  • Publication: 23-06-2019, 03:28
    • Published by: GameTap LLC
    • Developed by: Spicy Horse International Ltd.
    • Released: Apr 23, 2009
    • Official Site: American McGee's Grimm: Snow White
    • Perspective: Behind view
    • Gameplay: Platform
    • Setting: Fantasy
    • Add-on: Story / Mission

The seventh episode and finale to Season 3 of American McGee's Grimm series involves the classic tale of a princess who's become the fairest in the land to the chagrin of her stepmother. She has a huntsman take Snow White into the forest to be killed but he lets her go instead and she finds a house with seven dwarves who she ends up living with. When the stepmother finds out she still lives, she turns herself into an old hag to tempt Snow White with a poisoned apple. After biting into it, she drops to the ground dead but later revives when the apple piece is coughed up and a man who loves her shows up.

Grimm doesn't want the story to end so quietly. He transforms it again into a much grimmer tale. Join him as tries an alternative lifestyle, discovers some lost relatives and reunites with old "friends". It's the longest episode and takes 2 hours to complete.

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