Uwis Shooting Gallery

Uwis Shooting Gallery 2019

  • Publication: 16-06-2019, 22:21
    • Released: Oct, 2003
    • Gameplay: Shooter

Uwis Shooting Gallery is literally a shooting gallery game.

You have to shoot at various different things (balloons, ducks, flowers, etc.) in three different rows until you run out of ammo and it is Game Over.

The game offers three different special things: Multiplier at the top right side for getting more points. At the top left side, you can increase you ammo by shooting at the ammo box when it is open. Finally, there are ghosts in the game which sometimes begin to fly and hunt you. If they get you, you loose some of your ammo.

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Screenshots Uwis Shooting Gallery

  • Uwis Shooting Gallery 0
  • Uwis Shooting Gallery 1
  • Uwis Shooting Gallery 2
  • Uwis Shooting Gallery 3
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