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Lair of the Titans

Lair of the Titans 2018

  • Publication: 12-07-2019, 21:13
    • Published by: Team 21 Studio
    • Developed by: Team 21 Studio
    • Released: Mar 17, 2018
    • Perspective: 1st-person

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Lair of the Titans pits player against player as both man and beast. You delve deep into each dungeon in search of treasure and riches. Each dungeon houses a unique nightmarish creature, ready to drag the player to an early grave. Dare you enter the Lair of the Titans?

In Lair of the Titans, the goal of the main player is to sneak into each dungeon and steal the treasure found inside. The second player takes on the role of a fearsome beast and must hunt the other player and keep them from taking the treasure. The current version of the game contains the level "Old Cellar", there are seven more levels planned along side the first level. Each new update will bring a new level and new creature.

Future updates to include:

- Additional Levels

- Additional Creatures

- Optional skins for player models

- 4 player multiplayer

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Screenshots Lair of the Titans

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