Glare 2013

  • Publication: 11-07-2019, 23:33
    • Published by: Team Phobic
    • Developed by: Team Phobic
    • Released: Oct 10, 2013
    • Perspective: Side view
    • Visual: 2D scrolling
    • Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements

Glare is a side-scrolling platformer. It has a backstory (aliens infect planets with darkness and the protagonist, the light guardian Shiner, has to defeat them) but it is not developed during the game. Regarding gameplay, the game is a standard platformer: the player moves from left to right and jumps over obstacles; sometimes while using an animal as vehicle. Shiner can take three hits from enemies and uses his gun to shoot them. The game's gimmick is that Shiner has a light ray sight (practically acting as another gun) which is used for battling certain enemies which can't stand the light or solve environmental puzzles. For example, the first ability Shiner receives (more are earned over the course of the game which results in more complex puzzles) is to make fauna grow. Each of the six levels with the usual backdrop changes (forest, desert, rock, ice, fire and the final one) ends with a boss battle. Players also can retry levels to beat their time or collect 20 hidden artifacts.

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