I Was In The War

I Was In The War 2008

  • Publication: 4-08-2019, 12:19
    • Released: Jul 19, 2008
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)

This war, like so many before, is fought against soldiers, bombs, tanks and helicopters. The difference though, is the battlefield is a single line tilted at an angle of 70 degrees and you are an unarmed, blocky white man whose only hope for survival is to run up this line, avoiding everything in your path.

As you run to the right, you mysteriously grow in size. But if you stand still or get hit by anything, you shrink. Get too small, and you will die.

You can jump over enemies and also use the unique properties of this plane of existence to your advantage, by 'flipping' to the other side of the line. However, both sides are full of obstacles so a well-timed combination of jumping and flipping is required to stay alive.

There are periodic warnings about missile strikes and incoming tanks. These messages are displayed directly on the line you're running on. You have one life and one life only. Points are displayed above/below the line and are increased for every moment you're alive and moving.

'I Was In The War' was made in (just over) 3 hours, for The Poppenkast's '10800 second competition.' It can be completed, and has an ending sequence.

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