Hellforces 2005

  • Publication: 15-06-2019, 00:42
    • Published by: GMX Media
    • Developed by: Orion
    • Released: Mar 25, 2005
    • Perspective: 1st-person
    • Gameplay: Shooter
    • Interface: Direct Control
    • Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
    • Narrative: Horror
    • Misc: Regional Differences

In the future, after a doomed experience with alternative power sources (using the soul of human beings to extract energy), hell breaks loose on Earth. Baphomet, a demon from another world, uses the chaos to its advantage and starts a cult of Lucifer to open a portal to bring his evil master to our world.

A bartender named Steven Geist is visited by his ex-girlfriend, who has become a drug addict. She asks him to lend her money, but he refuses, assuming that she wants to spend them on drugs. Shortly thereafter, Steven learns that the young woman is missing after having attended a meeting of the cultists. Stepping outside, Steven finds out that the city has been overrun by countless hordes of soulless zombies and demonic creatures, and he seems to be the only one determined to reach the source of evil.

Hellforces is a traditional first-person 3D shooter. The gameplay consists of traversing fairly linear stages with various themes (city streets, sewers, laboratory, temple, etc.), fighting vast amounts of supernatural and human enemies. The game features twenty-four weapons types and diverse special equipment, including night vision, binoculars, movement sensors and more. There is also multiplayer support, using LAN.

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