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Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet 2013

  • Publication: 12-07-2019, 19:19
    • Published by: Sony Online Entertainment Inc.
    • Developed by: Runewaker Entertainment Ltd.
    • Released: Sep 23, 2013
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
    • Pacing: Persistent, Real-Time
    • Setting: Fantasy

Dragon's Prophet is set in Auratias, a world made by dragons. One of the most important happenings of the world's history was the big fight between the wise dragon Lysaia and the evil dragon Kronos - both vanished in the process and the Osira, the world's humans, settled all over the world. But now Kronos has awakened and the player character has to stop him.

In its basic form, the game is a classic online RPG: players roam over the world and solve a lot of fetch quests in order to receive experience points and level ups. The combat system is action based (active targeting and the usage of combos) and therefore all four classes (guardian, ranger, oracle and sorcerer) are damage dealers. The remaining classes are filled up with dragon AI companions: every dragon can be tamed (well, at least if the player's level is high enough) and trained. The taming plays out in a rhythm mini game (balancing on the dragon's back) and afterwards the skill combinations are visible. If those are to the player's liking, the dragon is taken in and accompanies the player during quests and dungeons.

The game also features crafting and PvP which is separated from the main world. It plays out on isles which are embattled by different guilds. Some of the involved mechanics are strongholds, tactical points (can be used to hire mercenaries or buy siege weapons). Tactical points are earned with success in combat or by gathering the island's special resource. The game is free-to-play and supports itself with an item shop where players can buy additional items and more slots for additional dragons.

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The game revolves. Train them to be valuable companions in combat and ride them across the lush game world. Dragon' s Prophet - Dragon Tutorial Trailer for PC: Learn everything you need to know about dragons in this tutorial video for Dragon' s Prophet. Dragon’ s Prophet Europe is still live. Dragon’ s Prophet includes other features to keep players invested in this game, one of the most anticipated free MMO games of, such as a housing system that will turn small villages into impressive t in a realm where dragons roam the land, sea and air, the game lets players align and battle with a variety of dragons as they work to restore order to the land from the evil Dragon' s Prophet features an action- based combat system that gives players more realistic battle action gameplay. Dragon’ s Prophet lets you fly and fight with your own dragons after having captured and tamed them. Play as a Guardian, Oracle, Ranger or Sorcerer to take on the variety of dungeons, world bosses or against other players. Dragons Prophet Overview Dragons Prophet Free Download for PC is a massively multiplayer online role- playing game ( MMORPG) developed by Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment. Dragon' s Prophet is a free- to- play fantasy MMO game that transports you to the dragon- filled world of Auratia, where you can capture, train, and ride dragons. to release Dragon' s Prophet in Japan. Dragon' s Prophet Trailer Dragon' s Prophet Beta Dragon' s Prophet PC Dragon' s Prophet TrailerBeta Ouverte PC Gameplay Demo. Dragon' s Prophet is a action MMORPG with a large world filled with over 600+ dragons which can be tamed and used in and out of combat. Dragon’ s Prophet North America has shut down. Dragons Prophet Overview Dragons Prophet Free Download for PC is a massively multiplayer online role- playing game ( MMORPG) developed by Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment. After going through an open beta phase, the game was officially launched in September
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