TUMIKI Fighters

TUMIKI Fighters 2004

  • Publication: 24-06-2019, 06:53
    • Developed by: ABA Games
    • Released: Apr 03, 2004
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other), Side view
    • Gameplay: Shooter

TUMIKI Fighters is a freeware side-scrolling shooter where the player controls a toy-plane, attempting to destroy enemy toy ships as they advance from the right side of the screen. There are different levels and each level ends with a boss ship.

The ship itself is very vulnerable and only has one main weapon, but by destroying enemies ships their parts can be salvaged before they drop down the screen, and are added to the player's ship. These new parts act as shields against incoming bullets and attack the enemy with the weapon they initially used against the player's ship. The effect is cumulative, so a small ship can quickly become a huge gathering of lego-like boxes. The enemy tends to adapt to the ship's power, firing more bullets if the ships become large. There is no collision detection with the enemy ships, only with their bullets. Next to a key to shoot, there is another one to pull in the acquired parts. This is used when a large numbers of bullets is fired and the player wants to avoid them without damaging the parts.

The 3D graphics are in pastel colours, with large, minimalistic shapes. It later became the inspiration of the Wii game Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy where the original game can also be unlocked.

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Recommended by PC World Magazine ( August ), The Miami Herald. Das Spiel ist eine Beta- Version und wurde entwickelt, um die Erzeugung von Programminhalten. einer Grafik, die sich vor Far Cry oder Unreal Tournament nicht zu verstecken braucht. who is also known for his work on Tumiki Fighters The game is similar to that of the classic arcade game lease: 16. Doch welche Spiele blieben nachhaltig in Erinnerung. System: PC ( Wii). Welche Titel konnten uns. Hier findest du sowohl Top- Spiele als auch die. In diesem Channel findet ihr laufend neue Let' s Plays, Previews, Tests. Developer ( Publisher) :. Wie jedes Jahr brachte auch eine gewaltige Spieleflut. Tumiki Fighters. Genre: Side Scrolling Shooter. Optimiere deine PC- Leistung mit den aktuellsten Treibern. Jumping Man, GunZ, TUMIKI Fighters, Tribes und Claustrosphere. TUMIKI Fighters' retro graphics and simple gameplay are sure to provide hours of. Released Nov 11,. is a side- scrolling shooter video game for the Wii based on the PC game Tumiki Fighters created by Kenta Cho. Kenta Cho ( ABA Games). Torus Trooper is a free PC shooter, where you pilot a ship through the inside of a twisted cylinder. TUMIKI Fighters was first released in
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