Testament 2010

  • Publication: 2-06-2019, 09:45
    • Published by: Svenska Kyrkan
    • Developed by: Immersive Learning
    • Released: May 31, 2010
    • Perspective: 3rd-person (Other)
    • Educational: Religion

In this educational role-playing game you take the role of a angel sent to earth by God to make sure everything works out as the divine plan say it should. There are six chapters in the game and each chapter focus on a episode from the Old Testament. You get to meet people such as Abraham, Joseph and Moses and help them with the challenges they face.

Testament is played in third person perspective with free camera rotation and a zoom function. Combat is made up of melee attacks and divine powers. Melee is simple and you click once for each strike. Divine powers is harder to handle as they use blue and white energy that only refills when you strike something in melee combat. How much energy you get depends on what equipment you have. Health is restored by using a divine power or by praying outside of combat. As the game progress you will gain better equipment and also levels so you can improve the three abilities strength, wisdom and dexterity. They affect secondary abilities that improve such things as the damage you do or how good you are at using divine powers.

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