Stolen Mouth

Stolen Mouth 2017

  • Publication: 14-07-2019, 15:04
    • Published by: Dagestan Technology
    • Developed by: Nedodnb
    • Released: Oct 30, 2017
    • Perspective: Side view
    • Visual: 2D scrolling
    • Gameplay: Platform
    • Interface: Direct Control

Steam Store Description (from Ad Blurbs)Stolen Mouth is a platformer where you play for a small square. His mouth was stolen and you need to return it back. Along the way there are traps, enemies and puzzles. When you pass through all obstacles on your way you have to fight with someone who stole your mouth. Take back what you came for!

  • Wander through the dark world in search of your mouth. The way of the black square won't be easy, any wrong step, and the main character flies to pieces.
  • Try to go through this all while your only weapon is a jump on head. Sometimes, just killing an enemy is not enough, in every level there is a puzzle.
  • It won't be possible to pass the level, only having solved a logical task, the dexterity of the fingers also plays a role in the game.
  • Try to fall from a height and not to break!
  • The main character's mouth disappeared suddenly. Who and why stole it will be known at the end of the game, when you will meet the offender face to face.

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Screenshots Stolen Mouth

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