Butterfly Escape

Butterfly Escape 2019

  • Publication: 15-06-2019, 06:06
    • Published by: Genimo Interactive LLC
    • Developed by: Genimo Interactive LLC
    • Released: Nov, 2006
    • Perspective: Top-down
    • Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
    • Gameplay: Tile Matching Puzzle

Luxor-style ball popping is back; this time with butterflies. A series of colored balls are pushed around a track by a bug and it is your job to destroy those ball chains by shooting colored balls at them. To destroy part of the chain, you need to match up 3 or more balls of the same color with the one that you shoot. You need to destroy all the ball chains before they reach the end of the track.

The levels vary in appearance and some have obstacles to make it more difficult to hit the ball chains, such as tunnels or objects that are in the way. Levels may also have more than one ball chain at a time, on different tracks.

To help you on these levels, you can get powerups that do many different things, such as a cannon that blows up a lot of balls, or a multicolor powerup that makes many balls in a chain become the same color.

Your main goal, besides completing each level, is to free all of the butterflies. The butterflies are found every 6 levels. These levels are timed and have 3 ball chains rotating around the trapped butterfly on a circle track. You need to destroy all three chains before time runs out, rather than before they reach the end of the track.

When you free a butterfly, it will be added to your Butterfly Book where you can view the butterfly from many angles and see information about where it lives and what it looks like.

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Guide Buka as you use his weapons to shoot balls of light, making. Adventure and excitement await those who free butterflies from Dungeon of Darkness and return sunrise. Download Butterfly Escape. Games butterfly escape; Butterfly zuma game pc setup; Download games butterfly; Butterfly Escape 1. Butterfly Escape 2. Download Butterfly Escape latest version. No specific info about version 2. Demonstration of Butterfly Escape Gameplay. Butterfly Escape - Adventure and excitement await for those who help Buka free butterflies. Developer: Gemino Interactive Butterfly Escape ( Size: 15 MB) is a Match 3 video game. Butterfly Escape for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC. Butterfly Escape for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC. Experience the most addictive LUXOR game to date in Luxor 2. Description. A free program for Windows, by Royale Dragon Paco Games. Gemino Interactive. More than 234 downloads this month. Butterfly Escape is a useful, trial version game only available for Windows, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Puzzle ( more specifically Pipe). PC Release Date: January 31,. La mejor consola FPS llega a la PC. Flap your wings and bolt through 100+ levels of vibrant fun. Butterfly Escape is a puzzle game where you power through over 100. Info updated on: Jun 30,. Garden Rescue. Butterfly Escape. Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10 thumbnail. A 3D action puzzle game. Recommended Games. Butterfly Escape is a new and exhilarating action- puzzle game. On a Windows computer, you can use the Internet Explorer browser to play this game. Keyboard and. Operating System, Windows XP or Vista. The game was. Download Butterfly Escape 1. ✓ Virus Free. A( z) Butterfly Escape v1. ( ) Butterfly Escape - Gameplay - PC/ HD - - - - - This exhilarating action- puzzle game will have you helping butterflies find their freedom. Game where players free butterflies while returning dawn to the Kingdom of Light. Butterfly Escape is a casual 3D action/ puzzle game like Zuma or. Download Butterfly Escape for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. This game uses an ActiveX control and will not play in your browser
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