Morning's Wrath

Morning's Wrath 2005

  • Publication: 14-08-2019, 07:08
    • Published by: Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games
    • Developed by: Ethereal Darkness Interactive Games
    • Released: Oct 01, 2005
    • Visual: Isometric
    • Setting: Fantasy

Princess Morning belongs to a 'race' of people called the Leowyns. A long time ago, they migrated from a place called the eastern lands, which was held in tyranny. When they arrived on the eastern shores and began to set up a kingdom, they found the mana well. Their findings caught the ears of the Ashidians, who live on the Western shore. They wanted to own this and being a warlike people they swathed a path eastward to take it. The Leowyns, now strong with magic, annihilated them and decimated their civilization, or so they thought.

For hundreds of years the Leowyns lived in peace, but they discovered the mana well brought with it a taint from excessive use, so it was sealed. When the Ashidians invade again, you, as Princess Morning, must re-discover the ways of magic. You are armed with the sword and armor of your ancestor, but also use special items with great age or a certain emotional significance to counter the taint.

Morning's Wrath is an action RPG similar to Diablo in gameplay style. Players guide the main character, Princess Morning, on a quest to master the ways of magic and save her kingdom from invasion. Spells can be created by collecting and arranging runes (up to 12 different runes for a single spell). The player can save a spell design on a scroll, and then equip it as a single item in battles.

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