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Traffic Giant

Traffic Giant 2001

  • Publication: 19-06-2019, 23:30
    • Published by: Macmillan Digital Publishing USA
    • Developed by: JoWood Ebensee
    • Released: Feb 28, 2001
    • Everyone: ESRB Rating
    • Everyone: Genre
    • Simulation: Visual
    • Isometric: Gameplay
    • Managerial / Business Simulation:

In this business simulation the player has to manage the whole traffic network from a little village in the beginning up to a huge metropolis in the end of the game. The player can choose from trams, trains and buses. There are also competitors, which don't make it easy to succeed. The towns are alive, as pedestrians are everywhere and cars are driving around. The engine is very powerful as it can simulate towns with up to 40.000 citizens, who know where they want to go.

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You experience realistically functioning city traffic with thousands of vehicles and pedestrians. PC Gaming in - game system requirements, compare system specs with games from year. Backed by a solid economic model, the game emphasis on planning and long- term tacritic Game Reviews, Traffic Giant for PC, This simulation lets you put public transport on the right tracks by putting you control an entire fleet of busses, trams and allowing yo. In a style defined by classics like SimCity, the game offers an isometric view of bustling city blocks with lots of side windows full of statistics and useful information. Traffic Giant The good: it is a very well produced game nice graphics and an overall good game. Traffic Giant " Traffic Giant" follows on from " Industry Giant". Traffic Giant is a management simulation where the player manages the public transport system running between various towns. April 19, Some critics say Traffic Giant is a sheer boredom. Traffic Giant puts the player in the role of public transportation administrator, in charge of keeping the city' s traffic and people moving in a timely, orderly fashion. Please login to add your score for Traffic Giant Graphics played on the pc. About This Game Traffic Giant is an amazing simulation game that brings public transport on the right track. April 19, Some critics say Traffic Giant is a sheer boredom. It allows players to create a working public transportation system in a city usingbuses, streetcars, commuter rail, suspended monorail ( much like the Schwebebahn Wuppertal), and Maglev trains. Based on scores by our most trusted members. Traffic Giant Free Download for PC is a computer game released in by Austrian software company JoWooD Entertainment. Graphics score reflects how great the visuals are for this pc game. The bad: the sound i am allways turning it off it allmost repeats it' s slef every time. But if you spend your patience with it, your are immensely rewarded. Release Date: February 28, Latest Reviews. Traffic Giant is a Strategy game, developed and published by JoWooD Entertainment AG, which was released in Europe in. You control an entire fleet of buses, trams, underground trains, and many more. The game used 2- D isometric graphics for its interface. You can ask each inhabitant what he or she thinks and feels
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