Stolen 2005

  • Publication: 13-06-2019, 05:49
    • Published by: Hip Games
    • Developed by: Blue52 Games Limited
    • Released: Apr 21, 2005
    • Teen: ESRB Rating
    • Teen: Genre
    • Action: Perspective
    • Behind view: Gameplay
    • Stealth: Setting
    • Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi: Narrative
    • Spy / Espionage:

You play as Anya Romanov, a thief living in a not too distant future. You and your partner in crime, Louie Palmer, have recently landed a job to steal a statue that's been placed in a museum for an exhibition. Once you're in the museum things turn out not to be quite so easy and not quite the way the should be.

The gameplay resembles Thief: The Dark Project but also feels a lot like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid to an extent. Several elements can be recognized from those games, but many of these have been changed slightly or just implemented in an original way. The core of the game is about stealing, without killing.

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N - Parte 1 - ( Ps2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC ) Games Preview Brasil. Each of the three versions of the game has the same fundamental problems, but the PC version. ( sneaky), in many aspects. Release date, April 20,. Stolen is a third- person stealth action game in which you play as a sexy female thief. By Greg Mueller on May 12, at 7: 28PM PDT. PC; PlayStation 2; Xbox. Stolen is a stealth- based game developed by British video game. Stolen is a stealth game video game developed by British developer Blue 52 and published by Hip Games for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows in. Metacritic Game Reviews, Stolen for PC, Stolen is an ultra realistic, third person, stealth- based, action game based around a high- tech female. Stolen PS2 PS2 Stolen PC PC Stolen XBOX. Stolen is an expanded stealth action game. It uses light and shadow to try and hide some of the ugliest low resolution textures seen in a : Stolen - PC: Video Games. game release date: 01Apr. in by Hip Games for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. GamePlay - S. Apr 21, 9: 13am. Stolen is just about the ugliest PC game I' ve ever come across. Stolen, the first and last game from developer Blue 52, falls into the latter. Stolen is an ultrarealistic, third- person stealth/ action game where you play a sexy. Anya Romanov, the resident of noir- fictional and perpetually shadowy Forge City and the thieving star of developer Blue 52' s Stolen, was. ACESSE : O MAIOR BLOG DE GAMES DA AMERICA LATINA
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